Founder Mark Villano launched Altered Earth in 2006, but the origins of the company can be traced back to the shared experiences of Mark and his family, building custom homes in Vermont and Montana throughout his youth.  The Villano family includes  a history of artists, tradesmen, musicians and entrepreneurs alike  Mark is a student of architectural design and building sciences, calling upon a lifetime of experience in the building trades and a passion for creating fine art in multiple mediums to guide his company.


Altered Earth teams up with only the most accomplished local craftsmen to provide the critical levels of finish and attention to architectural detail that make each job exquisite. Together with in house project management, we are committed to delivering consistent, high quality results, for our clients and their homes.


"Construction has been a part of my life since I was a young boy, so it makes perfect sense that I eventually started building for myself.  The beautiful part of the story is that I actually really grew to love it. I enjoy what I do, and I enjoy meeting all of the people along the way.  My clients become my friends, and it makes this town just a little bit smaller." - M.Villano

The Villano Family

A craftsman’s approach is unique and one that lends itself to true mastery. It’s an organic undertaking; balancing experience, knowledge, and respect to achieve the highest levels of form and function.  A master craftsman is nothing short of a master artist.


The craftsman legacy is ingrained in our  history as a species. For centuries, master builders, masons, engineers, and architects have worked together to pushed the possibilities of the imagination and in so have created  marvels that are still inspiring to us today.


At Altered Earth we strive to carry on this tradition, while aiming to exceed our clients’ expectations, each time we lace up our work boots.





Craftsman Approach

The Pacific Northwest is not only our home; it’s our office too. That’s why Altered Earth is proud to subscribe to the Master Builders Association and Built Green Council. Together, we help promote environmentally friendly home building practices that protect the environment and strengthen our neighborhoods.


We continually educate ourselves on the rapidly expanding field of green building principles. We implement systems that minimize environmental impact while helping to add value to your home. By understanding the advancements in Built Green practices such as: building sciences, building processes, material selection, infrastructure building and streamlining logistics, we are able to build spaces that are resource efficient and exceed building codes.


Building green is an investment. Helping you understand the available options is important in identifying strategies and materials that will compliment your next project.



What is Built Green?



Built Green is a local, non-profit, program created by the Master Builders Association to promote environmentally friendly home building practices and methods within the residential home building community. The program was designed to help home buyers find quality affordable homes that offer opportunities to protect the health of their families and our environment.


Want to learn more about the Built Green program? Visit to learn more on how you can enhance your community through leadership in sustainable development and protect the places we call home.

Built Green

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