Since the Roman Empire, no material has contributed more to the building trade than concrete. Many don’t realize how intricate a process concrete construction is. It’s a complex system requiring planning, precision and expertise to execute properly. Today, concrete is still prized for its beauty, strength and versatility. At Altered Earth, we LOVE concrete and offer all iterations of the material. We have a soft spot in our heart for highly designed architectural walls and flatwork.




Concrete is no longer simply a utilitarian building material.  It can be meticulously constructed to create limitless shapes while mimicking countless textures and colors. Architectural Concrete is one of modern architecture’s most valued assets, prized for its tremendous versatility, durability and modern appearance. It relies on specialized construction and finishing techniques to properly showcase its highly decorative and pristine end results.



Flatwork is a building industry term used to refer to concrete floors or slabs which require finishing operations. Flatwork can be functional or decorative, and is used in a variety of surface applications in and around the home. Some examples are: driveways, pathways, stepping-stones and large paving slabs.  The ever-increasing inventory of finishing options are fully customizable and are selected to work in concert with the other aesthetic elements of your project.

Structural concrete


Our elite builders harness Structural Concrete’s immense strength and molds it to fit your project’s specific needs. Structural Concrete is a complex system of panels, rebar, wall-ties, and cleats. These when properly aligned with engineered specifications  ensure that the form  will withstand the sheer weight and inertia of the material, in it’s wet form. There are many applications of Structual Concrete, from foundations to footings to retaining walls, we do it all.

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