Design Ideology




Effective design is all about striking a balance between form and function. We design with quality, functionality, and aesthetics in mind to achieve simply, the highest quality product attainable. We strive to capture your unique vision, implementing strategies that compliment your property, reflect your personal preferences, and pair seamlessly with your lifestyle.


We draw inspiration from our clients and place a high value on your input. Our first step is to request your contact information through our “Request A Quote” and ask that you to send a few photos of the project area, along with any images which express your desired aesthetic for the project at hand.  With this information we bring together the experts and schedule a time to survey the state of the property to gain insights into your project’s specific goals. We believe in an open dialogue to establish a clear vision for your project and start eliminating options based on your needs.


We strive to educate and empower our clients through the particulars of their project by sharing valuable resources such as tech sheets, images, and videos to help make their decisions easier. These resources help to explain the “nuts & bolts” of a given process and will help you to better understand the project’s true costs, one line item at a time.



Architect & Design Collaboration




Altered Earth offers a unique collection of talent and expertise, enabling us the ability to adapt our skill set to your project’s specific needs. We are completely happy to work alongside outside designers, architects, and clients to execute the particulars of their job. It’s customary for us to work within these collaborative “team mentality” situations given the realities of our field. Regardless of the projects parameters, effective communication, organization, transparency and trust are essential. Whether you are a local designer, architect, or client we would relish the opportunity to be apart of your next build. Altered Earth can be your trusted contractor whose follow through and professionalism can help you get the job done right.


Architect searching for a contractor?


Perfect. We speak the same language and are always in search of other skilled professionals that can speak openly and comprehensively about their projects. We go through each line item, ensuring the job will be built to your specifications. Our experience working across multitudes of materials gives us the advantage of being able to adapt quickly to build scenarios without the hand holding. We follow through with the agreed upon plan and are accountable throughout the entirety of the build process. We would love the opportunity to give you some piece of mind for your next build.


Homeowner with a design but no builder to execute it?


We get it, it’s a stressful process. That’s why aligning yourself with a contractor that works within more than just the specialty can add value to your job site. Planning is essential to a project’s success and becomes even more paramount when handed off to another party to execute. We meticulously go through each facet of your design making sure the appropriate strategies are in place each step of the way. We help you understand all the nuances of your job and ensure you receive the agreed upon finished product. We strive to make the process as painless possible. Let us help you stop stressing and get back to living.


No design, No builder, No problem.


Our team is extremely knowledgeable in our trade-craft and can help you through each phase of the design-build process. We accurately assess your project’s needs and build the appropriate solutions to address them. Whether your property's needs take us indoors or outdoors we have the skills and experience to develop processes and materials that will help your project excel.


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