Hardscapes are an umbrella of building services, whose applications in and around the home are as varied as the materials used to construct them. Hardscapes are generally comprised of a variety of concrete and natural stone products and are most often utilized for flat usable surfaces, walls and rockery. In this day and age, the design and material options that can be included in a hardscape are only truly limited by the imagination.




Pavers pay homage to the old cobble stone and brick streets of our civilizations past.  Precast concrete pavers are heralded for their impressive cumulative strength, rugged durability, and understated beauty. They are manufactured in a variety of shapes, colors and finishes allowing homeowners limitless options. Pavers can be arranged in beautiful mosaics to provide the perfect surface texture for your home's  driveway, pathway or entertainment area.

Natural Stone was once the preferred building material of royalty and the social elite, lending its strength and beauty to castles all over the world. Today, natural stone is still striking and is desired as much for its unique shapes as for its vast spectrum of colors. Natural Stone applications can be found in the form of walls, veneers, water features, gardens and rockeries. Whatever its application, natural stone can help add a little extra character to your castle.

Natural stone

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