Living in the Pacific Northwest, many of us look for the best way to take advantage of our nice weather once it finally arrives. Dream of combining the comfort of your living room with one of Mother Nature's warm summer nights? This isn't just a fantasy any more. With the recent trends in outdoor living, Altered Earth is creating integrated indoor-outdoor spaces providing homeowners with limitless entertaining opportunities and added flexibility.

Wood Structures

Since the beginning, wood has been perhaps man’s greatest building material. Its' unique, offering builders a strong and comparatively light material that can be easily shaped and customized. The value of wood lies not only in its' tactile strength, but also in its sustainability and wide array of aesthetic choices. There are over five thousand different types of wood species in the world, each bearing it’s own unique character qualities to a client's home.


In Home Builds


After working with our team, homeowners have frequently asked us to take on some of their in-home projects as well. We have strong working relationships, with some of the best folks in the industry, enabling us to tailor our work force particulars to your project's needs. We relish the opportunity to execute high-end, multi-phased projects regardless of its' needs take us inside or out. We are builders and look to create the solutions that make your house feel more like home.

Brick, Block,

and STone


Some of the world’s most iconic structures were built from brick, block, and stone. From China's Great Wall to Egypt's Pyramids each was built one unit at a time. Brick, block, and stone masonry has one of the richest histories in the trades, dating back far enough to be considered the original building medium. Its striking aesthetics never cease to make a statement and one whose historic charm will forever enrich your home's space.

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